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Collapsible Water Bag

Ideal way to carry and store water for picnics, camping and other trips. Bladder design keeps water movement to a minimum while in transit. Heavy-duty, double-layered, padded canvas bag, with triple stitched enforced seams and reinforced fill cap. Canvas bag is lined with a thin thermal insulating foil to assist in temperature control. Two sewn-in carry handles make for easy transport. Folds flat when not needed to reduce storage space. Includes a built-in twist knob style tap/drain that is protected within a Velcro pouch at one end of the bladder. Bladder lining is food grade for fresh water taste every time.

  • Material used:
    Heavy-duty, double layered canvas
    Thermal insulating foil lining

    Food grade, BPA-free polyethylene

    27l (7.1gal)

    Product Dimensions:
    930mm (36.6") W x 360mm (14.2") L

    0.12kg (0.26lbs)

  • Fitting instructions are not available.