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First Strike Firestarter

When your path leads into the wild, where things can go bump in the night, fire becomes more important than social media. Reliable fire starter for cooking, emergency signals, or just to keep warm Strong alloy waterproof casing prevents oxidation/rusting Compact yet durable build Textured grip and strong construction for slip-resistant sure handling Attachable with supplied paracord to keychain, wrist, or other gear Replaceable rod that stores the body and never falls out Replacement o-rings to keep fire starting tools dry Sparks burn over 3,000 F/1649 C Long lasting ferrocerium rod and metal striker good for thousands of strikes Use:The ferrocerium rod creates extremely hot burning metal shavings and sparks ideal for starting fires with flammable tinder, rain or shine. This is done by the frictional heat created when quickly scraping material from the rod.1. Unscrew the striker and rod from the handle.2. Flip the rod holder around and screw back onto handle.3. Grip the striker between index finger and thumb.4. Place the striker onto the rod. For best results, use a 45 degree angle. When the striker is angled correctly it will bit into the rod.5. In one quick movement, scrape the striker down the rod as though trying to carve material from the ferrocerium rod.

  • Consists of:
    1 x Firestarter
    1 x Key ring
    2 x O-rings
    1 x Parachute cord
    Instruction Manual

    Materials used:
    Aluminum Alloy
    Stainless Steel

    Product Dimensions:
    Length: 93mm (3.66")
    Diameter: 10.7mm (0.42")
    Rod length: 50mm (1.97")

    22g (0.78oz)


  • Fitting instructions are not available.

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