GSI Pioneer Table Set

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GSI Outdoors defines innovation, not through the use of some new 'unobtanium' material, nor through the monumental elevation of a never-imagined widget. No, they define innovation through the creation of unique, imaginative and fun products which reassert the values which we hold so dear. They take great pride in their ability to create new and exciting items from products which others believed could not be improved or which they believed were not worth the effort.

GSI Outdoors 4215 Pioneer Table Set, Red:
  • 4-person enamelware camp set
  • Blends classic style with beautiful blue porcelain finish and brilliant stainless steel rim
  • Heavy glaze
  • Twice kiln-hardened to 1000 degrees F (537.8 degrees C)
  • Superior durability
  • Enduring steel construction is dishwasher safe and perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor use

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