Front Runner Outfitters


Jack Rattle Stops

A simple and smart solution for stopping Hi-Lift Jack / 1.2mrattles. Formed to fit over the Hi-Lift Jack shaft and handle to prevent movement of the Hi-Lift Jack parts when transporting or storing. A ''gripper knob'' holds the Stop tightly in place in between the rungs of the Hi-Lift Jack shaft. Suitable to use with the Hi-Lift Jack Bracket - by Front Runner and can be used in any mounted position. Made of black cold cure elastomer polymer plastic and with a hardness rating of Shore 80 A according to the durometer scale. Fits all types of Hi-Lift Jacks. Removal of the Front Runner Jack Rattle Stop is needed to release the handle and operate the Hi-Lift Jack.

  • Consists of:
    1 x Rubber Sleeve

    Materials used:
    Cold cure elastomer polymer plastic

    Product Dimensions:
    190mm (7.5") L x 155mm (6.1") W x 45mm (1.8") H

    0.13kg (0.3lbs)

  • Fitting instructions are not available.