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Land Rover Defender Side Mount Jerry Can Holder

Our famous Front Runner Lockable Jerry Can Holder reconfigured to hang off the side of the vehicle via a gutter mount. Since many of today's new jerry cans vary ever so slightly is size (due to manufacturing discrepancies), most fuel can mounting systems fail to secure the cans properly. There is often wiggle room between the carrier and the can and that gap, however slight, causes rattle and wear. What's the point in strapping down your cans if they are't truly secure? For use with 20l / 5.3 gallon NATO/Wedco style military cans. Will not work with Scepter style cans.The Front Runner Jerry Can Holders offer a smart no rattle no wear solution. The adjustable locking steel clasp means your cans can be secured firmly in place over a lifetime of off-road abuse.Add your own padlock and you'll never have to worry about stolen fuel while on the road.Steel lip protects the cap from tree branches and prying hands.For installation, simply: Drill out the existing pop rivet in your Defender. Replaced the pop-rivet with the supplied bolt and nut which holds the Side Mount Jerry Can Holder. By using the existing pop-rivet hole, you don't have to drill into your vehicle.If at any point you would like to remove the Side Mount Jerry Can Holder, simply undo the nut and bolt and fill the hole with a new pop-rivet.The Front Runner Side Mount Jerry Can Holder is made of black powder coated stainless steel and is designed to mount to the rain gutter on vehicles like the classic Land Rovers.