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Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen Gullwing Window Panel / Glass

This Glass Gullwing Window Panel is sold as a separate component in order to replace a damaged window panel. If you currently own an Aluminium Gullwing Window and would like to swap out your aluminium panel for a glass panel, the Gullwing Window's Panel has been designed to be interchangeable. The glass panel blends in well to the Gelandewagen's exterior style and allows you to peer into your load bed area for ease of access to your goods.

  • Consists of:
    1x Glass Panel

    Materials used:
    Tinted and toughened 6mm glass

    Product Dimensions:
    752mm (29.6") W x 409mm (16.1") H x 6mm (0.2") D

    5.79kg (12.8lbs)

    Glass specifications:

    Visible Light:
    Transmission: 44
    Reflection Outside: 5

    Solar Energy:
    Total Elimination: 38
    Reflection Outside: 5
    Absorption 1: 47
    Direct Transmission: 47
    SHGC: 0.62

    Shading Coefficient:
    Ratio: 0.71

    U Value:
    (W/m2).K (Center of Glass): 5.8

  • Fitting instructions are not available.