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Rack Care Spray / Small

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Protect your rack and save the adventure. Front Runner’s Rack Care Spray is a powerful and easy to use spray on solution that gives your rack and accessory surfaces protection against the damaging effects of UV rays and salt spray. Keep your rack looking l

  • Application:

    1) Clean rack thoroughly of any dirt, dust or debris.
    2) Apply a generous amount to a clean micro fiber cloth and rub components. Avoid spraying vehicle.
    3) Wipe any excess away with a clean micro fiber cloth.
    4) Re apply after washing to extend the life of your rack and accessories.

  • Consists of:
    1 x Bottle of Rack Care Spay (50ml)
    Application Instructions

    Materials used:
    Black Plastic

    Product Dimensions:
    107mm (4.2") H x 35mm (1.4") Diameter

    0.2Kg (0.4lbs)

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