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Camping Food Prep Made Easy

Camping Food Prep Made Easy

TAYLOR'D Overland |

Planning your meals for camping might be the hardest part of the whole camping trip, but it does not have to be! With a little bit of preparation before you leave for your trip, you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about meals. Below are some of our favorite ways to prep your food.

Chop and Prep at Home

One of the easiest ways to save time before meals on your camping trip is to chop veggies and bag them for each meal. This way you don’t have to worry about spending time cutting up all your vegetables, you just pull out the bag and get to cooking!

Make & Freeze

Save room in your cooler by freezing some of your meals instead of using ice! Your cooler will stay cool and your meals will stay fresh. You can marinate and freeze any meat you want to cook or make and freeze chili or soups. You could even bake and freeze muffins and cookies.

Aluminum Foil Packets

One of our favorite camping hacks is making foil packet meals! These are always a hit with the kids and are easy to prepare at home. Foil packet meal options are endless plus they seal up and can be stored easily in the cooler.

Get Outdoors and Enjoy!

Cooking at the campsite doesn’t have to be difficult! We think taking a little time to plan your menu in advance and prepping everything saves you valuable adventure time outdoors.