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TAYLOR’D Overland Vehicles & Adventure LLC (TOVA) is about bringing the world of overlanding to those who know and those that don’t. We want to share our passion for all things outdoors and fulfill the desires of those who seek to explore new places from behind the steering wheel of well-equipped, very capable, and extremely awesome vehicles.

We love the great outdoors, we love cool camping gear and equipment, we love awesome overland vehicles, and we love sharing our passion with others. So it was only natural to combine all three and bring them together in one place with the mission to provide quality products and services that help customers experience the backroads of our country.

Whether you want to rent, buy, or accessorize a Jeep, SUV, pickup, or trailer we have what you need for your next overland adventure. If you have a desire for adventure and a yearning for the outdoors, we can help mobilize your passion with the best in quality overland vehicles, trailers, equipment and gear. From our full featured overland vehicle and trailer rentals that include a roof-top tent, awning and all the essential camping gear, to our ready-to-go overland vehicles and trailer sales that offer you the perfect platform to kickstart your overlanding lifestyle. Already own a vehicle or trailer perfect for overlanding, but need the right equipment? Then your adventure begins with us, as we offer a full line of the best overlanding equipment and gear from the best overland manufacturers. ​

We want to share, introduce, and elevate the overlanding experience for everyone who dares to follow their inner wander. We want you to search out new places, discover new experiences, and cherish the memories of an adventure well traveled.

And most of all, we want you to overland with the ones that mean the most to you. Venture out with your friends, family, and most importantly, your kids!

Adventure awaits! Enjoy a life better lived with TAYLOR’D Overland!