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Overlanding with the Family

Overlanding with the Family

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Considering taking the whole family on an overlanding adventure but worried it will be too difficult? With a little bit of preparation and creativity, you can plan a fun-filled adventure that the whole family will enjoy.

Get your kids outside and experience the great outdoors as a family. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your family overlanding adventure:

Plan Your Adventures

Let the family help plan your overlanding adventure! Ask the kids where they want to go or what types of activities they want to do on the trip. This will get the kids involved while planning and make them excited. Once you find a destination everyone likes, start planning activities that the whole family can do!

Create Comfort

Even though sleeping is only a small part of your adventure weekend, having a comfortable space the whole family can enjoy is important. The first thing you should consider is how many people are coming on the trip. Make a plan for where everyone will sleep before you leave. Each TAYLOR’D Overlanding Trailer is equipped with a queen size bed inside and a roof-top tent creating plenty of space for the family. Need even more space? Add a ground-tent and sleeping pad to your rental.


It is important to educate your kids on things around the campsite before you head out on an adventure.

You need to let them know things will get dirty, there is no bathroom and they will hear strange noises at night. Be sure to also let them know that nothing can replace the feeling of being in the great outdoors and exploring nature.

Now is also a great time to educate everyone on the importance of conservation practices such as:

  • Make sure food is secured and out of reach of wild animals
  • Turn off any lights you are not using
  • Take quick showers
  • Do not leave the water running while brushing your teeth
  • Use as little water as possible when washing dishes

Before you head out on your overlanding adventure, it is important to go over safety with the family. Show everyone where the first-aid kits are and explain what to do in an emergency. Reassure them that this is not to scare them, but to make them prepared. Educating everyone prior to your trip will help make everything go more smoothly.

Enjoy the Outdoors

The most important thing to remember when planning your overlanding adventure with the family is to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors! This is your chance to share your love for overlanding with your kids. There are tons of great activities to get the whole family involved and loving the outdoors. A few activities we enjoy doing are:

  • Going on a hike
  • Having s’mores by the campfire
  • Enjoying the starry nights
  • Taking lots of photos
  • Finding historical sites
  • Looking for wildlife

Get the Family Outdoors!

Do you feel more prepared to take your kids on your next overland trip? We hope you do!