by TAYLOR'D Overland July 16, 2020

Taking your kids on your next camping adventure? Kid friendly camping recipes are way more than just hot dogs! Try out this kid approved camping recipe on your next adventure.

Walking tacos are yummy, easy and fun for the kids. Grab your favorite snack size bag of chips, your toppings and go!


1 pound ground beef or turkey

½ cup diced onion

1 1 ounce taco seasoning packet

4-5 snack size bags of Fritos or Doritos

Suggested Toppings:



Shredded Cheese

Black Beans

Sour Cream



  1. In your Jetboil Skillet, brown beef or turkey and drain the fat. Add the onion to the meat and sauté until soft. Add the taco seasoning along with ½ cup of water and simmer unter water is absorbed.
  2. Crush your chips with your hands and open your bag. Add whatever toppings you desire and eat with a fork!

Equipment Used

  1. Jetboil Basecamp Genesis System
  2. Camp Kitchen Utensil Set


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TAYLOR'D Overland
TAYLOR'D Overland

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