Citi Chef 40/ Black/ Portable 4 Piece/ Gas Barbeque/ Camp Cooker

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This trendy, versatile gas barbecue is powerful enough to fast cook large quantities of food. It's ideal for RVs (compatible with a 12FT Quick-Connect RV Propane Hose) and balconies and patios (using a 1lb gas cartridge). It features a pot stand, a BBQ gri

    • Trendy, Lightweight, portable gas BBQ has a cooking area of approximately 1250cm.sq/195inch.sq with a diameter of 40cm/16inches.
    • Cooking surface coated in CADAC GreenGrill ceramic.
    • The ceramic coated cooking grid is made from
      aluminium for perfect heating and cleaning.
    • Pot stand included.
    • Automatic Piezo ignition and the dome hooks on the back to act as a windshield & splatter protector.
    • The removable fat pan is hard enamel coated and can easily be washed. Dishwasher Safe.
    • The 1/4“ quick release connection allows you to use it with a quick release RV hose assembly (not included).
    • Convenient storage/carry bag included
    • Includes a pot stand, BBQ top, and dome with a thermometer.
    • 2 year warranty.
    • Optional extras: Paella Pan 40/Pizza Stone Pro 40/Soft Soak 40/Soft Soak Brush.
  • Consists of:
    1x Pot stand
    1x BBQ top
    1x Dome with thermometer
    1x 1”-20 UNEF regulator
    1x 1/8“ quick release connection
    1x 1/4“ quick release connection
    1x Carry Bag

    Product Dimensions:
    420mm (16.5") L x 455mm (17.9") W x 338mm (13.3") H

    6.7kg (14.8lbs)

    Special Notes:
    Total heat output: 2.7 kW
    Total average gas consumption: 196 g/h
    Average operating pressure: 28-37mBar
    Supplier SKU: 5610-20-04-US3

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